Pitch, Please is OMY
& other important musings from #ClimateWeekNYC
Officially entering my Aaliyah phase and I hope you're here for it.
Not to "be fucking rude" *slaps Khloe with handbag* but is the Kardashian PR strategy defunct?
When your pitch is a *person* not a ~product~
In the words of Drake, "Come with me, fly you out to Greece/Full speed/survoler Paris"
Yet another Pitch, Please newsletter comin’ at you from La Guardia. Lowkey, this finished Delta terminal is like, niiiiiiice. Last week’s Pitch, Please…
Resources for Uvalde VictimsPlease feel free to comment any more as you see fit. Resources GoFundMe: All GoFundMe pages associated with Uvalde, aggregated in one master lan…
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